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Michelle Rusk

Michelle Rusk is a holistic health coach and speech pathologist on a mission to improve women’s health. She’s a mom of four children, a wife, an animal lover, a gardener, a bit of a health rebel and a lover of nature. She’s the founder of Heaven’s Grove Health and You in Chesapeake, Virginia. Known as the Mind Body Gut Mom, she tackles and takes on issues helping busy women eliminate brain fog, chronic inflammation and hormone disturbances through gut health. Michelle offers a unique approach to women as a Dutch Hormone Test expert where she targets the quiet struggles of weight gain, sleep issues, moodiness, anxiety, depression and much more. She believes in finding the root of what’s making you sick and approaching the changes with personalized support. After working through her own gut health issues, she knows how they can be debilitating, life sucking and quite possibly one of the most elusive forms of illness there is. She understands the gut from a perspective of respect, deep complexity and as the very balance to health. She’s the creator and author of two successful online series The Holistic Living Interview Series and the Rock Your Whole Health show spotlighting tips, advice, and knowledge from top doctors and experts across the world. As a certified holistic health coach and therapist, she approaches health from a whole – body perspective as she supports her clients in bridging their gut – brain-hormone communication.

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